Top-Rated Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves to Choose From

As an avid weightlifter, I make sure that I wear protective devices before I head off to the gym for my workouts. This is why I choose only the best weight lifting knee sleeves that can provide the maximum support that I need while sparing my knees and legs from injury. Thus, let me present to you my top picks for the best powerlifting knee sleeves in the market, and what sets these apart from other options you can find.

Quick Comparison: Top-Rated Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves

ImageProductDetails  Price
Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves Editor’s ChoiceSize: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1250 m3/hr
Design: curved glass
Special Feature: Filterless technology, Auto-Clean, Touch Control.
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Athlos Fitness Knee SleevesAthlos Fitness Knee SleevesSize: 60 cm
Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
Design: curved glass
Special Feature: Filterless technology, Auto-Clean, Touch Control.
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Knee Sleeve (1 Pair) 7mm Neoprene_Primal Elite Knee Sleeves
Size: 90 cm
Suction Capacity: 1425 m3/hr
Design: curved glass
Special Feature: Filterless technology, Auto-Clean, Touch Control.
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The 3 Best Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves Reviews

1. Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves – Best Knee Sleeves for Cross Training, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Basketball, Squats, and More. Compression Sleeves Come In 5mm and 7mm Thickness and Multiple Colors


Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves 

I did some research before I bought these weight lifting knee sleeves, and all I can say is I believe I made an excellent choice after purchasing this item. I got these knee sleeves as a pair, and I use these all the time whenever I play basketball, wrestling, CrossFit, running, and of course, weightlifting. These sleeves have a thickness of 5mm and 7mm, but I prefer to use the 5mm because it is not too thick or too thin. Let me add that you can choose from different colors for these sleeves, in case color and design matter to you, that is. For me, I like the darker shade, so it does not look too dirty or scruffy easily.

What I like most about these stylish and comfortable knee sleeves is the fact that they are quite durable and supportive. The fit is just right, and this is enough to provide you with the much-needed support you want for your workouts. There is also a good level of compression that you require for your intensive workouts. Since the main purpose of these sleeves is for protection, I noticed a major reduction in pain as my knees stay warm each time I perform my workouts.

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2. Athlos Fitness Knee Sleeves – Best Knee Sleeve for Premium Compression Knee Support and Joint Pain Relief to Speed Up Recovery – Neoprene Sleeves for Fitness Weightlifting Sports and Squats (2 Per Pack)


Athlos Fitness Knee Sleeves

Another brand of knee sleeves that I have tried in the past, these sleeves by Athlos Fitness offer amazing compression on my knees while facilitating circulation and proper blood flow. I was able to experience total support during my workouts, particularly each time I do powerlifting and weightlifting.

These sleeves are made of neoprene, with a 5-millimeter thickness. The best thing about having this kind of thickness for the sleeve is it does not limit me from performing all sorts of movements whether I do lunges or squats. I get a pair for every purchase, and this is a great deal since it does not cost me much at all. For a reasonable price, I can get quality sleeves that keep my joints mobile while preventing stiffness or soreness of the joints.

There is also a 3D contoured support for my knees and a comfortable flex design to ensure compression on my knee joints. Thanks to these features, I get to recover at a faster rate after my workouts. My coordination also improves tremendously, and I no longer have to sacrifice joint health even if I do intense workouts and weightlifting activities.

FIT GUIDE: Select the right size for your needs.XX-SMALLX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEXX-LARGE28-30cm30-32cm32-34cm34-36cm36-38cm38-40cm40-42cm

For correct sizing, measure around your lower leg 10cm below the center of the patella (knee cap) with the knee joint flexed 30 degrees.

3. Knee Sleeves ( 1 Pair w/ bag ) Best Orthopedic Knee Support & Pain Compression Brace for Squats, WOD, Weightlifting, Powerlifting – Primal Elite Sports 5mm and 7mm Strong Knee Sleeves – Unisex


One of the best-selling knee sleeves for athletes or powerlifters, this product by Primal Elite is available as a pair and comes with a nice gym bag – free of charge! These sleeves are designed to give you better support on the knees when you do your squats, along with providing superb compression for your exercises whether it is CrossFit, powerlifting, and any type of exercise for bodybuilding or weight loss. I have discovered that these knee sleeves are all I ever needed for maximum protection and support during my extensive and hour-long workouts at the gym. I can do my lunges and squats, along with other risky moves whenever I lift weights, and I barely get into injuries afterward.

These knee sleeves by Primal Elite are designed with powerlifters in mind. In fact, it boasts a stunning ergonomic design to offer a comfortable fit, and there is double-reinforced stitching to hold it together well. Just be sure to refer to the sizing chart to make sure you get the right size that is not too loose or too tight on you.


The search for the finest weight-lifting knee sleeves may be tough because of the endless number of options out there. However, with these three options, you should be able to find the right product you need that also fits your budget and criteria.

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