Personal Training In Group or Small Group
Personal Training In Group or Small Group

Personal Training In Group or Small Group – Determine

When it comes to fitness, personal training has been trending for a while now. Whether to opt for training in groups or small groups is solely your decision. Well, both these fitness training methods are different.

When group personal training is creating a buzz for the past few years, a lot of small exercise studios are gaining popularity as compared to sophisticated gyms.

Personalized workouts are in demand

Today, most people prefer personalized workouts with personal attention at an affordable price for one-to-one personal training. So, if you are amongst one of them, then personal training in groups is the feasible option for you.

Some of the advantages that cannot be overlooked for training in groups over small group personal training are

  • Cost-effective
  • Training in groups increases social engagement
  • Stay motivated with many others in the group

Certainly, you will find additional energy while working out in group settings with a little competition around. You may not get personal attention as you get in small groups. Injuries are prone to happen due to a lack of personal attention. The coach may not be able to keep a check on your moves.

How training in small groups is beneficial for you?

Well, small group training is not the same as a Group Fitness Newcastle class. A lot of people confuse small group personal training Newcastle and group training classes.

Talking about small group training combines group instruction and personal training. Here you work out with people having the same fitness goals as yours.

Opting for small group training would be feasible for you if

  • You are not comfortable working out in large groups
  • Worried about not being able to go at the same pace as the other group members do
  • Going to the gym but not sure what exactly you are engaged in
  • Fear of getting injured
  • Planning to meet another fitness challenge
  • Not sure about nutrition and want assistance

If the above factors match your thoughts and needs, then you need a customized program along with appropriate nutritional support. These requirements can be met through small group fitness programs.

Ideally, small group personal training is the best option for you, if you are looking for a personalized method to train.

The program differs from group fitness modules as each session has a maximum of 8 participants. It helps you connect with the coach better and determine your fitness goals to seek guidance from the coach all through your fitness journey.

Training in small groups helps

  • Get appropriate guidance on nutrition
  • Get personalized program
  • Convenient sessions are available to pick the timings of your choice
  • Accountability
  • Expert assistance and guidance
  • Prevent injuries with more personal attention from the coach.

At Corefit Newcastle, training in small groups allows you to get personal attention from the coach which helps you identify and correct mistakes immediately. On the other hand, group training may not give you more personal attention from the instructor and you may end up making mistakes a lot of times.

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