how to wash your smelly knee sleeves?
how to wash your smelly knee sleeves?

How To Wash Your Smelly Knee Sleeves? 4 Ways

For knee sleeves to last long, you should pay keen attention when they are washed. Failure to clean them properly might stink up your gym bag. Equipping yourself with some of the best ways of washing them will come in handy. The process is really quite simple and can be easily catered for. Described below are four simple guidelines on how to wash your smelly knee sleeves?

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4 Ways of Ensuring Your Knee Sleeves Do Not Become Smelly

1. Prevent It Altogether

This phrase might sound like a cliche but believe me, it works. Frequent washing of the knee sleeves only wears them out fast. Always air dry them after use while turning them inside out. They should dry out until their next box session. This prevents mildew and bacteria from sticking to the sleeves.

2. Wash Them by Hand

The sleeves hardly wear out when first introduced to detergents. This might only happen if you used an extremely powerful detergent. A great way of improving their longevity is by using detergent only once in a while – once a month. For those who use them every day, once a week is not a bad idea.

Whenever you decide to use detergent, a single teaspoon is enough. It’s not advisable to use the dryer to dry the sleeves, instead, let them dry by air.

3. Wash the Using Machine

There are a good number of people who advise against going for this option, however, who uses their hands while washing these days? There is absolutely nothing wrong with dumping your smelly sleeves onto the washing machine accompanied by other clothes. Ensure you avoid damaging your sleeves, reducing and durability and shape while washing them using the machine. You can set them differently in your laundry bag just before adding in other undergarments and wash them at the lowest setting.

4. Soak in Vinegar

This method can only be resorted to when pathogens such as mildew and bacteria accumulate to a point where the foul smell emanating is unbearable. It’s inadvisable to use bleach or any other harsh cleaners as they weaken its compression properties. Instead, mix vinegar with hot water instead.

Things to Consider

At the top of your list, prevention will ever be the best option. At the closing bottom is the vinegar bath. With knee sleeves, always consider a mild approach. Air dry the sleeves inside out to prevent washing them severally in a week.

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