How to Wash Your Knee Sleeves
How to Wash Your Knee Sleeves

How to Wash Your Knee Sleeves? – 3 Easy Ways

Your knee sleeves can offer maximum support to your legs and knees, so it is only right that you keep these in excellent condition at all times. After every use, be sure to wash and dry them properly as doing so will prolong their life span. What’s more, these should be ready to use the next time you need to do your workouts or whenever you engage in strenuous activities that may be hard on your knees. Keeping them well-maintained and clean will also prevent bacteria and mildew from accumulating on the different areas of the sleeves.

With all these things in mind, let us take a look at the several methods you can do to clean your knee sleeves properly as presented below.

How to Wash Knee Sleeves – Methods Comparison (Pros and Cons)

Air DryingConvenient and time-savingMay not completely remove odor or stains
HandwashingGentle on fabric, suitable for stainsFrequent handwashing can cause wear and tear
Machine WashingConvenient for busy individualsRisk of damage if not using proper precautions

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1. Air Them Out.

If you have just one pair of knee sleeves, it may not be practical to wash these daily especially if you need to wear them the following day. It is possible that the sleeves will not dry right away after washing them, and you would not want to wear them wet or moist. So, the ideal thing to do to keep your knee sleeves clean without having to wash them is by air them out after use. Make sure they are not left in your gym bag for hours since doing so will not only give them a foul smell, but bacterial formation may occur. Turn your sleeves inside out, hang them out to dry, and these should be good to go the next day for your workouts or other physical activity.

2. Handwash With a Gentle Cleanser or Soap.

Another way of cleaning your knee sleeves is by handwashing them. While it may be possible to wear out your knee sleeves by washing them too frequently, handwashing them about once a week should be fine. This is particularly true if there is no denying that the odor is already too intense, or there are stains in them. But if your option is to handwash your sleeves, you may want to use a gentle cleanser that is free from harsh chemicals typically found in regular soap or laundry detergents. The average detergent found in the market also contains bleach that can cause the color of your sleeves to fade and appear less vibrant than ever. There are also components that may be damaging to the fabric, which can cause premature wear of the sleeves.

After handwashing the sleeves, just line-dry them instead of putting them into the dryer or spin-dryer. This will prevent wrinkling of the material or fraying on the edges. Keep in mind, though, that this tip is only applicable if you have no plans of wearing your sleeves the next day or in two days since they might not dry right away depending on the weather condition.

3. Machine-wash Your Knee Sleeves If This Is The Only Option Left.

Not everyone has a lot of free time, and they may be jumping from one chore to the next without having much time to relax. If this is you, then handwashing may not be the most attractive option for cleaning your knee sleeves. Manual washing can take so much of your time and energy, and this may be the last thing you want to do after a busy day at work or at the gym.

This is why your last resort is to machine-wash the sleeves after use. It is indeed more convenient and time-saving to simply dump your dirty knee sleeves in the machine and leave them until it is time to hang them dry. But here’s an important tip – before you place them into the machine, be sure to put your sleeves in a separate laundry bag to prevent damage to the fabric. Also, select the delicate or low setting for washing. Most importantly, pour a good amount of mild detergent that should keep them clean without affecting the color quality of the knee sleeves. Lastly, just hang them dry since using a spin-dryer will cause the fabric to shrink over time.

Bottom Line – how to Wash Your knee sleeves

There are so many ways to clean your knee sleeves, but it is best to choose which of these methods works depending on the situation. No matter which technique you decide to follow, make it a point to avoid washing your knee sleeves daily to prevent them from shrinking, fading, or wearing out quickly.


How often should I wash my knee sleeves?

It’s recommended to wash your knee sleeves after each use. However, if time constraints or other factors make it difficult, air drying or handwashing them once a week is acceptable.

Can I use regular detergent to wash my knee sleeves?

Regular detergents often contain harsh chemicals and bleach, which can damage the fabric and cause colors to fade. It’s best to use a mild cleanser or soap specifically designed for delicate fabrics.

Should I tumble dry my knee sleeves?

No, it’s not advisable to tumble dry knee sleeves as it may cause them to shrink. Instead, opt for air drying or line drying.

Can I bleach my knee sleeves?

Bleach can be harmful to the fabric and may cause colors to fade. It’s recommended to avoid using bleach when washing knee sleeves.

How do I prevent my knee sleeves from shrinking?

To prevent shrinking, avoid high-heat drying methods like using a spin dryer or tumble dryer. Opt for air drying or line drying instead.

Can I put my knee sleeves in the dryer?

It is best to avoid using a dryer or spin-dryer for knee sleeves, as high heat and mechanical agitation can cause shrinkage and deterioration. Instead, opt for air drying by hanging them in a well-ventilated area.

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