Healthy Sleeping Habits
Healthy Sleeping Habits

Healthy Sleeping HabitsHealthy Sleeping HabitsHealthy Sleeping Habits

The way that you behave throughout the day, especially right before bedtime, can have a very large impact on the quality of your sleep. Your habits can either promote quality of sleep or contribute to sleepless nights.

Your daily routine, including what you drink and eat, medication you might take, how you spend your days and evenings, and your mattress can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. Check out costco’s mattresses to find the perfect mattress. Even some minor adjustments have the potential to make a profound difference and turn a restless night into a nice, quiet, and peaceful sleep.

This is why sleep hygiene is so important. The term refers to a group of healthy sleeping habits that one should consider if they want to improve their ability to fall and remain asleep throughout the night. These habits are very very important, and commonly used in CBT – cognitive behavior therapy – the most effective way to help people that have chronic insomnia. This type of therapy can really help a person address the behaviors and thoughts that prevent them from sleeping correctly. It also features techniques that help with stress reduction, sleep schedule management, and relaxation in general.

If you have trouble sleeping or simply want to improve the quality of your sleep, make sure to try following proper sleep hygiene. If you sleep problem persists, it’s probably a good idea to go and talk to your doctor about it. Another way you can go about this is by looking for help from the sleep team at an AASM-accredited sleep center.

Healthy Sleeping Habits

Quick Tips For Improving Your Sleep

Follow these if you want to work on making your Healthy sleeping habits better:

  • Have a consistent schedule for sleeping. Ideally, you should always get up at the same time, even during vacations or weekends.
  • Make sure you go to bed early enough so that you can get at least seven hours of sleep.
  • Don’t go to bed if you’re not feeling sleepy.
  • If you try to fall asleep for longer than 20 minutes, get out of bed and try again later.
  • Come up with a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep and sex.
  • Make your bedroom as quiet and relaxing as you can. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature.
  • Limit exposure to any sort of bright light during the evening.
  • Turn off all your electronic devices 30 or more minutes before bedtime.
  • If you get hungry at night, eat a healthy light snack instead of a larger meal.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and make sure to exercise regularly.
  • Do not consume caffeine in the evening or late afternoon.
  • Do not consume alcohol before bedtime.
  • Do not drink too many fluids before bedtime.

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