Can Flat Shoes Cause Knee Pain? Expert Interview

Being the largest joint in the body, your knee gets lots of impact as you walk or run. That’s why knee pain is a common complaint among most people regardless of age. A common reason as to why knee pain is common is that it might come; as a result of inflammation as a result of lifting heavy objects in the wrong way, bad shoes, flexibility, muscle weakness, and many more.

While there are so many causes of knee pain, a common question to most people is, can flat shoes cause knee pain? Well, in this article, we will answer your question.

What you need to know about knee pain and shoes

Shoes and steps transform the body language as well as attitude. If you wear well-fitting shoes, they lift your attitude and mood. The truth is that it can make or break your day. In a world where many people are busy walking and running to meet their daily goals, we find it unimportant to think of the impact of shoes on our knees. Even when we experience the pain, we barely consider looking at our shoes.

Knee pain is a common issue people encounter in their day-to-day lives. While there are many reasons behind knee pain, a common problem is wearing improper shoes. People are so concerned about fashion that they take less time to think of their foot and knee comfort when wearing the shoe. A shoe might look so good on you, but at the end of the day leave you with severe knee problems. While many people think that heels are the only shoes that might cause knee pain, flat shoes can also cause pain. Enjoy the read!

How can flat shoes cause knee pain?

Talking of flat shoes now, I know most people are wondering how that can happen. Even though most people think of flat shoes as the best alternative to heels, they too are a problem at times. From the studies, various types of flat shoes lack internal support which leads to overstretched ligaments and the tendons found along the bottom of the foot. The over-stretching collapses the arch of your foot resulting in severe pain in the foot. The pain might slow you down, make your leg tired and lead to various types of injuries in your knee and leg.

How to avoid knee pain if you love flat shoes

  • Go for flat shoes offering enough internal support for comfort;
  • Avoid wearing worn-out flat shoes;
  • Exercise your foot with toe lift exercises;
  • Do stretches that help you work on the toe abductors;
  • Choose fitting flat shoes since perfectly fitting flat shoes give you more comfort and knee-pain-free walking. Choose a flat shoe that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Life is better when you keep it simple, and you should apply this concept when it comes to shoes. When shopping for flat shoes, get the perfect pair for your foot to avoid stressing your foot or knee. Remain smart enough to understand the importance of the most important and biggest joint in your body.


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