Top 8 Best Knee Sleeves Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Whenever I do my workouts, I just got to have the best knee sleeves that can offer optimum support to my muscles and joints. After all, working out a couple of hours a day is not a joke, so it’s only important that I keep myself protected from injuries and stiffness. This is why I make it a point to buy quality knee sleeves that fit me perfectly. And here, I present to you my top picks when it comes to knee sleeves I have personally tried and used.

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Best Knee Sleeves on the Market

Quick Comparison: Top Knee Sleeves

ImageProductDetails  Price
Blue Knee Sleeve Model 7051Original Blue Knee Sleeve10/10Check Price
Mava Knee SleevesMava Knee Sleeves9.5/10Check Price
Ultra Flex Knee Compression SleeveUltra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve9/10Check Price
Slingshot Knee Sleeve 2.0 by Mark BellSlingshot Knee Sleeve 2.0 by Mark Bell9/10Check Price
Rocktape Knee CapsRocktape Knee Caps8.5/10Check Price
Stoic 7mm Knee SleevesStoic 7mm Knee Sleeves8.3/10Check Price
Exo Knee SleevesExo Knee Sleeves8/10Check Price
Pro Lift Knee Sleeves_Pro Lift Knee Sleeves7.8/10Check Price

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The 3 Best Powerlifting and Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves Reviews

Read the last review article comparing the Top 3 Best Powerlifting Knee Sleeves on the market in 2023. So this is my review about the top picks for the best powerlifting and weightlifting knee sleeves in the market, and what sets these apart from other options you can find. And their costs are all under 50$. Check out the Top 3 Best Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves.

Top 8 Best Knee Sleeves for the Money

1. Rehband 7mm Original Blue Knee Sleeve Model 7051 – Best Knee Compression Sleeve (Editor’s Choice)


There are so many things I like about this 7 mm knee sleeve by Rehband, which is perfect for any athlete who performs a lot of intense sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting. Since it provides outstanding support, I feel that I am able to do deeper squats without having to deal with excruciating pains in my knees, as long as I wear this knees sleeve. It comes with an anatomical shape and just the right fit that help in facilitating quicker recovery and preventing injuries. Plus, with the stability and support it offers, I no longer experience stiffness in my joints and muscles.

I suggest, however, to check the size chart carefully before you purchase this knee sleeve. Be sure to measure your knees, quads, and calves to determine the perfect size for you. Men with bigger quads should always consult the measurement chart to avoid buying the wrong size with a poor fit. Always remember that wearing very tight knee sleeves is not only uncomfortable, but this even defeats the purpose of using such type of support during your workouts.

FIT GUIDESIZEX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEXX-LARGEKnee Circumference27-30cm30-33cm33-36cm36-39cm39-42cm42+cm

How to Size: Measure the knee mid-patella with the leg straight. If a tight competition fit is desired, order one size smaller than the Rehband recommended sizes.

2. Pair of Knee Compression Sleeves Neoprene 7mm by Mava Sports – Best Knee Sleeves for Men & Women for Cross Training WOD, Squats, Gym Workout, Powerlifting, Weightlifting


I would like to talk about the brand of knee sleeves by Mava, which I have heard so much about from my friend whom I do my workouts with. He is an avid weightlifter and Crossfit trainer, and I can see how hard he pushes during every fitness session. I picked his brains on what he loved most about this product, and according to him, it gives just the perfect fit to provide accurate support without restricting his movements. Since these are key functions of a knee sleeve, then it is obvious that this product gets its job done, and my friend has nothing but praise about it.

Another thing worth mentioning about this product is its maximum stability. It stays in place while providing the right amount of support you need on your legs and knees. Hence, there is no such thing as rolling or slipping of the knee compression. I would sure love to try this product one day because of the positive reviews I heard about it from my friend. In fact, it works great for people with tendonitis, osteoporosis, knee discomfort, arthritis, and similar conditions. Overall, this product sure does its job, and it makes every workout session much easier and less painful than without it.

FIT GUIDESMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEXX-LARGE11.8″-13″13″-14.2″14.2″-15.7″15.7″-17″17″-18.3″30-33cm33-36cm36-40cm40-43cm43-46cm

How to size: Straighten your leg. Measure the circumference of your knee mid patella.

3. Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support – Single Wrap – Best Knee Sleeves for Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis, and Injury Recovery


Another knee compression sleeve that I feel is a true value for your money, this product is great for those who are engaged in activities or sports impacting their legs too frequently. So, runners, weightlifters, and powerlifters can surely benefit from it. In the same way, if you are recovering from an injury in the knee or simply experiencing knee discomfort or pain quite often, this sleeve should help.

Personally, I have noticed that ever since I started wearing these knee sleeves, my issue with arthritis of the knees has become more tolerable over time. Particularly during the winter season or whenever the temperature is a little lower than usual, this brace prevents hyperextension of the knee. Sure, the cost of this product may be a bit steeper than the others, but I have no regrets about my purchase because it works as expected. The key here is to get the right size to maximize the benefits you can receive from it.

FIT GUIDESIZESMALLMEDIUMLARGEKnee Circumference15.5″-17″17″-19.5″19.5″-22″

How to size: Measure 4 inches above kneecap. We advise you to buy a large size if you are at the upper limit. If a tight fit is desired, buy one a size smaller.

4. Mark Bell SlingShot Knee Sleeves 2.0 – Upgrade Pick


A pair of these knee sleeves should suffice when I want to keep my knees and leg muscles protected from injuries. Made of thick and durable neoprene material, these sleeves hold up in place perfectly. I get excellent compression and warmth on my legs, which facilitates blood flow while minimizing swelling. I have tried it for years, and I noticed that pain and discomfort on my legs are reduced over time. This is very important to me since I find it hard to bend my knees and do my squats without the right support that I need.

Another great thing about this product is the fact that you can get this in pairs, and this will save you so much money since buying in pairs is much cheaper than getting this item individually. Just be sure to check the size chart since you do not want to buy a knee sleeve that is too tight on you. Measure your knee circumference to get the right tightness. For me, I get a large size, which is suitable for people with knee circumferences from 37 to 40 cm. You can also get one that fits you since sizing runs from small to beyond 3XL.

FIT GUIDEX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEXX-LARGEXXX-LARGEUnder 33cm33-35cm35-37cm37-40cm40-43cm43-46cmOver 46cm

How to size: Measure around your knee cap with your leg straight.

5. Rocktape Knee Caps – Best Knee Sleeves for Lifting


A day at the gym for me would mean several minutes of deep squats and lunges, combined with weight lifting. Although I love to do all these, I used to experience pain and even injuries due to negligence in wearing proper supportive gear. Well, that was before I discovered these knee compression caps, which are designed to protect the muscles in the knees, legs, and calves. These sleeves help maintain the stability of my knees whenever I lift, run, and do lunges or deep squats. I also like the fact that along with the lateral stability these sleeves offer, there is ample compression provided at the same time. Blood flow and circulation are crucial to knee health and the prevention of injuries, and these sleeves provide these benefits.

With the added height of these compression sleeves, proper support to the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) or one of your quad muscles is ensured. The patella becomes more stable, and this aids in tracking and correctly positioning this part of your knee. So, I no longer run the risk of experiencing knee injuries or even slow recovery after my workouts because these sleeves work as expected.

FIT GUIDEX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGE11.5″ and Below11.5″-13.5″13.5″-14.5″14.5″-15.5″15.5″ and Up

How to size: Measure the circumference of your leg around the center of your patella.

6. Performance 7MM Knee Sleeves by Stoic – Best Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Weight Lifting – Professional Quality & Ultra Heavy Duty (Pair)


Up until a few years ago, I could get away with lifting weights without experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort in my muscles. Well, that changed ever since I began suffering from arthritis, and I am now dependent on wearing proper support for my workouts. My very first pair of knee sleeves were from Stoic, and I liked it since day one. In fact, even if I have some other brands of knee sleeves in my closet and gym bag, I still have the oldest pair – and they still look pretty good.

This product comes with maximum-density neoprene material with 7 mm thickness, which is enough to offer rebound and support during the toughest workouts. It’s also very durable, with its triple-reinforced seam and tear-resistant materials. I’m not surprised my first pair is in amazing condition until now because this product is built to last for a long time. I also get excellent coverage from these sleeves because of their 30 cm length, although it can be a bit tough to wear with their tightness.

FIT GUIDEX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEXX-LARGE11″-12″12″-13″13″-14″14″-15″15″-16″16″-17″27.5-30cm30.5-33cm33.5-36cm36.5-39cm39.5-42cm42.5-45cm

How to size: Measure circumference of the knee joint with the leg locked but relaxed. Adjust up or down a size for large or small calves. Tighten the measuring tape so that it is sung, but not too tight. Record this measurement. Pick a sleeve size that fits your measurement.

7. Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Excellent Support & Compression by Exo – Best Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting, Running, Wrestling, Basketball, and Squats. 5mm Neoprene, Multiple Colors, Full 1-Year Warranty


If you are suffering from arthritis (just like me), or knee tendonitis, among a few other knee problems, then knee sleeves are just what you need. I personally recommend wearing proper support to avoid injuries or the slightest pain whenever you do knee bends or weightlifting during your workouts. In fact, I have tried this brand of knee sleeves in the past, and I have received nothing but satisfaction from it. For its price, I must say that I am quite impressed with this product since it lasts a long time and does its job perfectly.

I guess it is just right that this product works as expected since it was developed by elite and seasoned Crossfit athletes. Well, that says a lot about these knee sleeves since experienced athletes will never settle for cheap and poor-quality knee support. I heard that the developers of this product even wore it during training sessions for weight lifting, as well as the Olympic lifting. With excellent construction, durable materials, and reinforced stitching, this product does its job amazingly well.

FIT GUIDESIZEX-SMALLSMALLMEDIUMLARGEX-LARGEKnee Circumference30-32cm32-34cm34-36cm36-38cm38-40cm

How to size: Measure circumference of leg 15 cm below the knee cap.

8. Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) – 7mm Neoprene – Compression & Support by Pro Lift – Best Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, & CrossFit – Workout Aid for Men & Women


I do a lot of squats and weightlifting, and these exercises put a hefty load on my body, particularly my knees. With that in mind, it is almost impossible to leave the gym without feeling some stiffness here and there. Well, that was before I used the Pro Lift knee sleeves, which have offered tremendous improvements in the way I feel after my workouts.

These knee sleeves come with nylon lining, which supports my joints and muscles while keeping them warm. What’s more, this product comes in different sizes, so I get to wear the right one that matches my body perfectly. Whether I’m performing sports, fitness training, powerlifting, CrossFit, running, playing soccer, or doing basketball, or when I need relief from pain in my muscles, I get total comfort from these knee sleeves by Pro Lift. I highly recommend this product, and based on experience, it really works!

FIT GUIDESIZESMALLMEDIUMLARGEEXTRA LARGEKnee Circumference11″-12.5″12.5″-13.7″13.7″-15.2″15.2″-17″

How to Size: Straighten your leg and measure the circumference of your knee mid patella. Use a flexible tape measure.

Guide on How to Buy the Best Knee Sleeves

As a physically active individual, I can’t possibly proceed to perform my daily workouts unless I have the best knee sleeves to keep my muscles and joints well-protected. In fact, I rely on this product so much, that I consider it as an essential companion to my workout sessions. See, I lift weights at least three times a week, and I do a lot of squats and bending on my knees, which can put quite a strain on my leg muscles and joints.

How to Buy the Best Knee Sleeves

Fortunately, I came across some knee sleeves that can help me stay protected from injuries due to pressure caused by heavy weight. There are different brands available with numerous features that come with them. However, the most important thing is that it does exactly what it is supposed to do, which is to maintain support on the knees and prevent stress on this vulnerable part of the body.

If you are in the market for the best knee sleeves, then this guide on how to choose one should help you make the best decision. Read along to learn about the different features to look for when buying the right pair of knee sleeves that work for your needs.

Why Buy Knee Sleeves?

Okay, so first thing first – why is it even important to purchase knee sleeves? For one simple reason – to improve performance by preventing injuries or discomfort while you do your workouts. You see, knee sleeves provide optimum support as your knee gets the right level of compression and warmth. As a result, your leg muscles do not get more exposed to injuries or strain each time you bend.

You can find quality pull-up knee sleeves as one viable option, and these offer excellent support to your knees. As compared to not wearing any knee sleeves at all, you will find it easier to bend your knees and lift weights, do CrossFit, or perform any type of exercise without any hassles. Just be sure you purchase the right fit of sleeves to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort each time you put these on.

Based on my experience, knee sleeves help a great deal during workouts particularly when you have just recovered from an injury. In my case, for instance, a few days after I have undergone a minor injury on my knees, I decided to wear knee sleeves for greater support. It is only typical for people like me, after having experienced an injury, to be more susceptible to strains on the joints if I attempt to do my workouts. Not only can this aggravate the condition, but I won’t be able to attain ultimate performance without the support that I need.

As for other people who had no knee injuries in the past, it will still help to put on knee sleeves during workouts. Basically, what it does is to give additional support, which should prevent people from experiencing future problems from their intensive fitness routines. If you want to set up your first aid kit, you may also consider packing a pair of knee sleeves in times of emergency.

Should I Choose 5mm Or 7mm Knee Sleeves?

Whether you are a sports buff, an avid weightlifter, or someone who has just gone through a tough knee injury and is on your way now to recovery, the right fit and size of knee sleeves can do wonders in helping you get back to the top of your game as quickly as possible. This is why it is very important that you buy the most suitable pair of knee sleeves for your needs to experience the purpose these serve.

Knee sleeves provide protection to your knees after incurring an injury, as well as preventing injuries or the reoccurrence of your injuries. With the level of compression that these sleeves offer, blood flow and circulation are enhanced, which enables you to have more stable movements. Precision control and stability of the knees boost your performance no matter how tough the activity may be on this part of your leg.

However, you have to understand the fact that knee sleeves come in varied thicknesses. So, when shopping for knee compression sleeves, you should consider the type of activity you are engaged in as a guide on which item to get.

5mm vs. 7 mm: A Comparison Between the Thickness Level

Although knee sleeves have three different thickness levels (including 3mm), we will focus more on the 5mm and 7mm as these are the commonly used ones by the average person. To give you a quick idea between these two thicknesses, the 5mm is suitable for athletes taking part in varied fitness training that demands support and agility. On the other hand, the 7mm is more preferable for powerlifters, weightlifters who do a lot of deep squats while carrying heavy weights at the same time. It is also beneficial to individuals who need a good amount of support during periods of recovery and rehabilitation.

Generally, 5mm is designed for mixed physical activities. It works for most sports that involve running, walking, and even kicking. So, as long as you need compression for your knees as you perform regular activities or gym workouts, a 5mm knee sleeve should work for you.

But as for the 7mm sleeve, this is ideal for those engaged in shorter activities that involve heavier loads. Weightlifters can spare themselves from hyperextending and straining their knees with the help of compression sleeves because of the support these provide.

Knee Sleeves for Support and Pain Relief

If you have some mild knee pain, knee sleeves should be very helpful in your case. You can receive protection from common issues that can irritate your knees such as strains and pressure. Whether you have an existing injury, are fully recovered from one, or are yet to heal from knee problems, knee sleeves are useful in your case.

There are several knee problems that can be addressed by sleeves, or at least make the condition more bearable. Among these issues on the knees are arthritis, a mild case of knee pain, weakness, and sprains. You are also better off wearing knee sleeves to prevent the worsening of swelling, irritation of the cartilage, and tendonitis. With maximum support and warmth on your knees, you can increase circulation to your joints, which will facilitate healing.

However, wearing knee sleeves will not suffice if you are suffering from other major issues. Advanced and more sophisticated protection is necessary when you are experiencing moderate to severe cases of knee pain and instability.

Options Available

There are different choices when it comes to the finest knee sleeves to buy. These include:

  • The closed sleeves, which offer more excellent heat retention as the entire knee is covered and supported.
  • The open sleeve comes with a hole in the front portion to minimize the pressure that is experienced on the knee cap. The knee can also breathe because of the hole in the front part of the sleeve.
  • An inbuilt stabilizer is another choice to consider. With this product, the side stabilizers come with additional support for your knee ligaments. Hence, every area of your knee gets the support and comfort that are necessary to prevent injuries and pains.

Materials and Types

In addition to the style of knee sleeves, there are different materials used in this product. The material also has an impact on the overall effect and benefits you can get from wearing knee sleeves.

Knee sleeves that are made of cloth provide minimal warmth and compression. These products are also comfortable because of the smooth quality of the material. As for neoprene sleeves, you can benefit from them when it comes to experiencing mild compression, warmth, and prevention of injuries. With knee wraps, however, are better worn for optimizing performance levels and achieving the extreme compression that you need for your workouts.

The most important thing to think about when buying knee sleeves is the proper fit and comfort provided by the material. It is not worth it to buy a knee sleeve that costs a lot of money if the material is not the right one for you, or it is not snug enough. Neoprene sleeves, for example, may be snug and comfortable, but there is an intense odor that arises after a few workout sessions. If ever this is the material of your choice, though, just make it a point to wash it often or have another pair ready to prevent the hassle of having smelly knee sleeves. For more tips about how to wash, check this article out.

Bottom Line

When buying knee sleeves, make it a point to determine your size, needs, and activities that will require you to wear these gear. Consider the right thickness and compression level, so you can speed up your recovery, boost your performance, and avoid injuries at the same time.

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